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5 tips to put a new spring in your step

The smell of spring is in the air, so let’s embrace this season of new life and fresh beginnings with a personal reboot. Yes, that’s right, it’s time to spring clean your life, dust out the cobwebs and make space for the new you. 

Let’s get out there, put on those running shoes you bought and never wore, tackle the corners in your life that stress you out or don’t bring you joy (thank you Marie Kondo) and make space for new things that will energise your day and give you some spunk again.  

1. Get organised
Shed the weight of disorganisation by decluttering your living space. Start small and move room by room, sorting items into categories like ‘keep’, ‘donate,” or “discard.” A decluttered environment makes room for new experiences and ideas to blossom.

2. Try new hobbies
Make spring the season of exploration. It’s time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Consider activities such as gardening, painting, new styles of cooking, or learning a musical instrument. Add to your skill set and keep your mind alive with new interests.

3. Reboot your routine
Start your morning with a gentle stretch or yoga session to awaken your body and mind. Brighten up your breakfast with fresh fruits and whole grains, providing the energy you need for a productive day ahead. Additionally, mix up your grooming schedule with new products and spring scents. Our tip: Spring Rain from Shower to Shower is beautifully fresh and fun.

4. Go outside more
With the weather warming up and nature coming alive, take advantage of the outdoors by trading indoor workouts for outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, or biking. Get some fresh air and enjoy the added endorphins!

5. Set digital boundaries
Set aside one day each week or a couple of hours each day to break free from screens and technology. Step away from digital distractions and reconnect with the real world around you.

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