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5 tips to make your home a mindful space

Coming home after a long, stressful day to a calm home does wonders for your mental and emotional well-being, so let’s turn our houses into serene, mindful spaces where we can live intentionally and free ourselves from external stresses.

To achieve this, we’ve put together five tips to help you bring more tranquillity into your home:


Start with a soothing base

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Soft colours like light blues, greens, or neutral tones create a sense of calmness – they have a soothing effect on the mind and can promote relaxation and mindfulness. Play with textured paint finishes, to add depth and tactile interest to your space. Consider a matte finish or a subtle textured effect that catches the light. These finishes can provide a sensory experience and invite you to be more present. Colour tip: We love the blue hues in the Dulux soft colour palette. 


Now get creative

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Use paint to express your creativity and create mindful art pieces for your home. Paint mandalas, nature-inspired motifs, or abstract designs that evoke a sense of peace and stillness. Display these artworks in your living space as reminders to pause, breathe, and be present.

Remember that the process of painting itself can be meditative and mindful. Take your time, focus on each brush stroke, and let your creativity flow. Whether you’re repainting a whole room or adding small accents, infusing your home with mindfulness through paint can create a serene environment conducive to inner peace and relaxation.


Create a Meditation Nook

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Meditation has become extremely popular…and it’s continuously growing, as people understand the importance and benefits of quiet time for the mind. Designate a specific area in your home for meditation or mindfulness practice. Paint the walls surrounding this space with a colour that inspires tranquility and introspection. Soft pastels or warm earth tones are excellent choices for creating a peaceful atmosphere.


Add some scented candles

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Light up candles that will fill your home with a beautiful smell and create a calming aura. Candles in the living room create a cosy and warm atmosphere and, in the bathroom, they give a spa-feeling at home. The gentle flicker of a candle flame has been shown to help relax the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety levels. The aroma of scented candles can also help to promote feelings of tranquility and calm, making them a great choice for use in meditation or yoga practices.


Bring nature into your home

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The easiest way to incorporate more natural materials into your home is to add plants. Besides creating a more restful ambiance, they also release oxygen and help to purify the air to create a cleaner space. Popular choices for house plants include spider plants, aloe and Chinese evergreen. You can also use paint to bring elements of nature into your space. Consider painting a focal wall with a forest green shade or a mural of a serene landscape. Natural hues can evoke feelings of tranquility and connection with the environment, enhancing your mindfulness practice.

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