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3 tips to make your house hunting mission a success

Whether you are a first-time buyer or building your property portfolio, house hunting can be great fun…and quite overwhelming. 

Make the process a little easier by following these three tips to make sure you don’t miss your dream home: 

  • Be willing to compromise 

No home is ever going to be 100% perfect. Compromise is essential – especially for first-time buyers who are still learning what their money will actually afford them within the current market. Compromise is also an important aspect for couples who have differing ideas on what the house needs to offer. Being able to agree on the essential must-haves versus want-to-haves in a home is a crucial first step before starting the house hunting process. Keep the list of must-have items short and realistic and be open to compromise on any item that falls under the ‘want-to-have’ list.

  • Don’t rely on photographs

Making viewing appointments for multiple properties is a must for anyone who is house hunting. Not only will this help buyers narrow down their search criteria, but you might just be surprised by how much you like the property once you see it in person. It often takes walking through a home to realize the property’s full potential. Apart from this, considering multiple properties can help to avoid getting overly attached to one particular house – you can never be certain that your offer will be accepted, so it is a good idea to keep your options open.

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  • Get professional advice  

Listing portals make house hunting much more accessible to buyers, but you are losing out on so much value if you fail to involve a real estate agent right from the very beginning. Not only will a real estate agent bring a wealth of local knowledge, real estate expertise, and negotiation skills to a transaction, but they are also likely to be privy to new listings before they even hit the market. The best part about this is that their services are completely free for buyers! If you’re not sure which agency to start with, why not try one of our go-to property favourites – RE/MAX – to set you on the right path and get you started with your property journey.

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