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5 tips to help you take control of your medication

Most of us take medication of some sort and very few of us actually know why we are taking it, what exactly it does and what alternatives are out there.

Take control of your health and the medication you are on, by learning to speak up and play an active part in your health journey by following these five tips: 

  1. Check first if you need it and what the alternatives are: Before you take any medication, undergo a test, or agree to a procedure, make sure you know what it’s for, how it works, what are the benefits and risks, and what are the alternatives. Confirm with your healthcare provider that you have the right medication, test, or procedure for your condition.
  2. Ask questions about the way forward: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your condition, diagnosis, treatment, medications, or anything else that concerns you. Make sure you understand what your healthcare provider tells you and follow their instructions.
  3. Speak up if you are concerned: If you have any worries, doubts, or complaints about your care, let your healthcare provider know. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinions, preferences, or feedback. Your healthcare provider should listen to you and take your concerns seriously.
  4. Know your health history: Keep a record of your medical history, including any allergies, chronic conditions, medications, surgeries, or family history. Share this information with your healthcare provider and update it regularly. This can help prevent errors and complications.
  5. Educate yourself: Learn more about your condition and treatment options. You can use reliable sources of information, such as the Sanofi website, to learn more about your health and well-being.
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