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3 ways to recycle, freecycle and upcycle in your neighbourhood

Thinking about getting into recycling, but not sure where to start? Ask your neighbours! 

Pop a message on your neighbourhood group and ask if there is a local recycling setup that you can join. 

Remember that recycling doesn’t have to just be about separating plastics from paper, it goes deeper than that and teaches you to consume less, repurpose items and make more. Many communities also have a freecycling option for various household goods, clothing, sport and outdoor gear.

Some common recycling / freecycling points to start with include: 

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  1. Plant swap: If you are cleaning out your garden, removing certain plants or trimming plants which are suitable for propagation, message your neighbours and ask if anyone would like to swap plants.  
  2. Renovation donation: You might have leftover tiles or building materials after a renovation project or even some bathroom sanitary ware, cupboards, furniture and more. Check with your neighbours and see if you can freecycle the items to someone who can give them new life again.  
  3. Adopt a hobby: Join the maker movement and learn how to make something with your hands instead of always buying everything. Join a local pottery, painting, needlework, sewing or woodworking group. Here too, there might be opportunities to purchase items, donate or exchange that which you no longer need.

If you are moving into a new suburb, ask your estate agent about local community groups to join. 

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