Start eco-friendly parenting with upcycling


Becoming a parent brings with it contradictory feelings such as happiness, worry, and confusion, as well as a growing awareness of the impact our choices have on the world our children will inherit.

During this time of heightened environmental consciousness, many new parents are finding themselves drawn to the principles of eco-friendly living. But where to start?

Even though wanting to be an eco-friendly parent is a noble thought, it can create more pressure than expected. The idea, as with everything, is to start with baby steps. “One thing that many new parents might notice is the influx of baby items that they need or receive which can contribute to environmental waste. To try and combat this, there’s a growing trend among eco-conscious parents to embrace upcycling – a creative and sustainable way to breathe new life into baby items,” comments Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Milton.

Upcycling can bring with it creative thinking, fun activities for the family and also a clear conscience that you are making a contribution to the environment’s well-being. Ragavan suggests the following upcycling ideas:

  • Baby clothes often hold sentimental value, making them perfect items for upcycling projects. Turn outgrown onesies and adorable patterns into quilts, blankets, or even stylish clothing accessories for your little one.
  • Use your Milton sterilising fluid not only for the sterilising of bottles and toys, but also as a sterilising spray for your kitchen counters, or to sterilise water and make it suitable for drinking. Milton kills 99% of bacteria and germs and can be used throughout the house during your daily clean.

  • Create a unique and personalised nursery by upcycling baby items into charming decor pieces. Old baby mobiles can be repurposed into wall art, while baby food jars can become adorable storage containers for small items like cotton balls or hair accessories.
  • Convert your baby’s crib into a functional play area or desk for older children. Remove one side of the crib, add a chalkboard or whiteboard, and voila – you have a new and sustainable piece of furniture that grows with your child.
  • Turn worn-out or neglected toys into DIY projects. A fresh coat of paint or some creative embellishments can transform old toys into imaginative new playthings, reducing the need for buying new ones.
  • Instead of buying new accessories, repurpose old baby clothes into headbands, bibs, or booties. This not only reduces waste but also adds a personal touch to your child’s wardrobe.
  • Preserve memories by creating memory jars or shadow boxes using items like baby shoes, hospital bracelets, and onesies. These become beautiful keepsakes that tell the story of your child’s early days.

Embracing upcycling not only minimises environmental impact but also allows you to infuse your home with creativity and uniqueness. By upcycling baby items, you contribute to a sustainable future for your child while enjoying the process of giving new life to cherished possessions.

Let your imagination run wild and turn the ordinary into extraordinary on your journey toward eco-friendly parenting.