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Mom knows best: 5 must-haves for healthy Winter skin

As the seasons change, so do your family’s skincare needs. From dry skin and chapped lips to sore noses and eczema flare-ups, winter can be harsh on the skin.

Because moms usually know best, IvoHealth asked dermatologist and mom-of-two Dr Lauren Knight what essentials are needed to keep skin healthy when temperatures drop.

Dr Knight explains that cold temperatures and dry air dry out the skin, compromising the skin barrier, its protective outer layer. Here are the top five must-haves to help safeguard your skin this winter:

  1. Rich Moisturiser

Why you need it: Cold weather, dry air and indoor heating all dry out the skin. Use fragrance-free emollients and barrier creams to keep the skin well-moisturised and to help manage flare-ups of chronic skin conditions – like eczema and dermatitis.

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Dr Knight’s expert tip: Gently pat the skin dry and apply moisturiser immediately after bathing to lock in moisture.


  1. Gentle Cleanser

Why you need it: Harsh cleansers can dry out the skin even further. Use gentle, non-fragranced soap or cleansers.

Dr Knight’s expert tip: Keep baths and showers short, using warm – not hot – water.


  1. Lip and Nose Balm

Why you need it: The skin around your nose and mouth is thin and takes an extra beating in winter, especially when you wipe or blow your nose.

Dr Knight’s expert tip: Use a balm to protect this delicate area, like Letibalm Nose & Lip Repair which contains nourishing active ingredients and is suitable for babies, children and adults. Read this blog for more detailed advice on caring for the nose and lips.


  1. Soft Tissues

Why you need them: Frequent blowing and wiping due to colds and flu can quickly cause redness and irritation around the nose.

Dr Knight’s expert tip: Use soft, unscented tissues, wipe gently and then reapply a soothing balm like Letibalm to protect and heal the skin.


  1. Humidifier

Why you need it: In parts of South Africa the air becomes extremely dry during winter; indoor heating can make the air even drier. A humidifier adds moisture back into the air.

Dr Knight’s expert tip: Using a humidifier in your bedroom at night moistens the air, making the skin feel more hydrated and breathing easier.


Follow this advice to help to keep your family’s skin healthy and radiant all season long. After all, mom knows best— and so does the dermatologist. For further info visit the IvoHealth website or follow Derm Discovered on social media or speak to a skincare or health professional.

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