Transforming Mrs to Ms: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce


Prenita Reddi’s book, Transforming Mrs to Ms: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce was recently launched as a supportive reference to create awareness and offer sensible guidance through the often ‘perplexing’ and emotional phases involved during the process of divorce.

It is a simply written and practical book, enriched by her knowledge of the terrain, she also chronicles the details of her coping mechanisms, hoping they will reach others, particularly women, embroiled in the remnants of failed marriages, and encourage those divorcing and divorced to use this often painful experience to become empowered rather than bitter.

“Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences that one can endure. It ranks just below death on the stress scale and rightly so. It’s a journey where women have to search deep into the trenches of our souls to rediscover ourselves. With divorce comes a host of issues which include readjustment of identity, moving houses, loss of social standing, loss of confidence, single parenting and readjustment of finances. It also sometimes includes a sense of personal failure, guilt and shame and it’s easy to understand why this in turn might cause the person to easily become embittered.”

At 24, Prinita was a single mother struggling to survive a divorce that left her bruised, but did not break her. She is now 40, happily remarried with three beautiful children and thrives on life as a wife, mum, avid traveller and feeding scheme volunteer.

In her book, Prenita (a driven, adventurous and passionate individual who is also a certified life coach, entrepreneur and speaker) encourages women to rather use the experience as a journey to grow, as a journey of self-discovery, to re-discover their passions, increase their self-confidence, identify their hidden talents and test their heart’s ability to heal and forgive. Ideally, she hopes to help others to set themselves free and emerge as stronger versions of themselves.

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The book is available at Exclusive Books: Ballito and La Lucia as well as online and as an e-book through Amazon. It retails for around R200 for the printed version and $3.for the e-book.