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Taking an unexpected off-road to adventure has never looked this good

We have seen trends come and go in the motoring industry over the past century. Early industry moves put cars on the fast track with assembly line production and the freeway system creating a driving culture that gives us the freedom to take the road to wherever our heart desires.

Other transformative trends have brought us safe and exhilarating driving, with automated features, comfort and luxury design rounding off the experience. “Now road users get to take the aesthetics of their tyres up a notch style-wise without compromising off-road capabilities,” says Lubin Ozoux, CEO Sumitomo Rubber South Africa, manufacturer of Dunlop, Sumitomo, and Falken tyres. “The debut of the Grandtrek AT3G 2-ply White Lettering Tyre gives even Mother Nature something to aspire to and affords SUV and 4×4 drivers a chance to score some street cred.”

Adventure seekers will now have the freedom to make that spontaneous decision and take the exit off the beaten track to explore off-road, no matter how rough the terrain looks. And they can do so with the full confidence to take the road, knowing that their tyres not only look good, but are backed by the only local manufacturer that offers triple protection through Dunlop Sure’s 8-year manufacturer’s warranty, free 60 000km Mileage Warranty and a free 12 Month Off-Road Hazard Guarantee for added peace of mind.

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“The AT3Gs are competitively priced and will hopefully see the trend of painting lettering on tyre sidewalls end, because now drivers can have the real thing,” says Ozoux. “Climbing steep slopes and rocky outcrops, pulling out of muddy riverbeds and heading into the Karoo to enjoy breath-taking views, or driving through a seasonal downpour, no longer need to be daunting with tyres that are guaranteed to heighten your experience and keep you safe on the road, while still looking good.”

The AT3G 2-ply WLT features an ultra-wide pattern that increases mileage in high road conditions and a strong sidewall profile which increases resistance to damage in both on- and off-road conditions. The large block patterns improve impact resistance while the reinforced steel wire layer structure improves impact resistance.


Other features include:

·      Outstanding durability and wear resistance technology

·      Even tread wear promoting increased mileage

·      Irregular grooves which increase braking effectiveness and reduce road noise significantly

·      Cut and chip resistance

·      Enhanced off-road traction and braking performance at high speeds

·      Tread design and stone ejectors to minimise mud and sand build up, while improving stability and reducing noise levels without sacrificing on ride comfort.

·      Better channeling of water on on-road conditions and improved off-road traction thanks to large sipes on the shoulder.

Do you think it is time to turn your casual suburban trip into an off-road adventure? What are you waiting for? Visit www.dunlop.co.za

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