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Apps to support your child’s learning and development:Amazon Kindle: The Kindle app puts over 1,5 million books, as well as a range of popular magazines...

New wines from Spier

The Cape is one of the few wine-growing regions in the world where two different ocean currents converge. What’s more, its coastal vineyards are...

5 Hacks to Beat Winter in your Home

The mornings are darker, the air is frostier and it’s harder to tear yourself out from under those blankets. It’s winter and your house...

Bourbon, best enjoyed on a chilly day

When you go against the (rye) grain, you end up with a hand-crafted American bourbon with a signature smooth, full-flavour. Topped with one-of-a-kind red...

3 essential oils that boost women’s health

Essential oils have been used for centuries as remedies for a range of health issues.  We picked out a few key essential oils that...

Kefir – a positive step towards gut health

Recent research has revealed a link between your gut health and various mood and behavioural disorders. Depression, joint pain, eczema and bloating can all be...

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Tuck into a hearty beef and mushroom bolognese

Nothing beats a meaty pasta dish to warm you up from the inside. But, if you want to reduce your red meat intake and...

Cheers! …. to the ultimate sundowner pack

As the summer season is slowly drifting away and the days are getting shorter, we could all do with a little more sunset celebrations,...

Win big with B-well … plus the love from...

To all mamas everywhere, we want to thank you for all the feel-good meals, the comfort meals that always have us running home for...

Bite into this!

There is nothing like a tender, juicy burger, and if it’s a ground-breaking burger, even better!For the first time in the history of the...

Health & Beauty

Berry good! 

Açaí, a nutrient-rich berry from the rain forests of Brazil, is your passport to good health this winter.Freezing temperatures, cold winds and load shedding...

Hypertension: Busting 5 Myths

17 May is World Hypertension Day, providing an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about this condition. Let’s do that by busting some myths related...

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