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Changing the face of music

Florida’s Valeska Muller doesn’t mind going the extra mile for her music career because she knows that diamonds are formed under pressure. We chat to her to find out all the juicy details of her debut album.

After taking a break from her singing career, Valeska is back with a bang! She released her debut album in August and is ready to take the South African music industry by storm.
The radiant singer is still a child at heart but she knows exactly where her career is heading and how to get there on her own …

‘My whole family is very musical so I was exposed to music from a young age. I later started drama classes as well because I loved being on the stage. I did my first cabaret at the age of 16 and completely fell in love with the whole industry. When I finished school, I stepped right into Zing, a music reality show on kykNET.’

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She says that the show opened a lot of doors for her. Unfortunately, she was very naive and wasn’t ready for the industry; consequently she experienced a lot of rejection
and disappointment.

‘The problem was that I didn’t fit into the mould of what the industry wanted and tried to play different roles to fit in, but I ended up forgetting who I was.’

Valeska says that the industry chewed her up and spat her out the first time, but now she knows what to expect and she is ready for any challenge she might face …

‘I’ve experienced very dark moments in my life. I can’t explain everything in detail, but I can briefly describe it as my present overcoming my past. If I can be okay and can stay positive after everything I’ve survived, anyone can do it if they just believe in themselves. That way, we are no longer victims of our circumstances.’

After performing on Zing, she took a break and started the Valeska Muller Vocal Academy, an extremely successful vocal school. In the meantime, she was writing and producing her Afrikaans debut album, My Simfonie. Her music is mainly electronic pop dance, mixed with a touch of progressive house music.

Valeska has had lead roles in various stage productions and made appearances in various television shows, including Generations, Roer Jou Voete, One Way and Binnelanders. One of her songs was also used as the theme song for the Via TV programme, ’n Ster Vir My Bed.
Over the years, she has performed at different functions and at some of the country’s biggest festivals, including a performance for King Swandile at the Royal Swazi Sun, Aardklop, Innibos, The Mulberry Festival, KKNK and more.

If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

Valeska is a ray of sunshine and though her schedule is jam-packed, she always finds the time to make jokes. Even after all she has been through, she still looks on the bright side.
‘I know what I want and now I know how to get it. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it. The world is a tough place, but I believe that we should never stop dreaming.’

Valeska is a busy person and is always listening to different types of music. She is the perfect combination of diva and free spirit, because she can be dead serious but she can accept whatever happens.

‘Early in my life, I made the mistake of looking for acceptance somewhere else, while I had to look inside my heart. You are the only person who will never let you down, that’s why you have to uplift yourself. That’s the message I want people to take away from my music. I want to inspire people and make them feel that they can accomplish anything.’

This inspiring singer believes in setting goals and is currently training to complete the Two Oceans Marathon in 2020. She is also learning to speak Spanish, because she is obsessed with Spanish music and dreams of travelling the world, especially Europe.

Her father served in the army while she was growing up, and they moved around a lot. She learned to handle firearms from a very young age because of his career. She might sound like a tomboy, but when you open her closet you will find beautiful designer dresses and high heels that will leave you speechless …

Valeska says that one of her biggest challenges in life is that she is more passionate than other people and she has a habit of stepping on toes, but she hopes that she will find her place in the industry by pushing boundaries.

Still in her 30s, Valeska has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with. She is very tech-savvy and is a social media queen. ‘If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind. Through all of life’s challenges, I have fought to stay on top and I won’t ever give up.’
My Simfonie is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Short and sweet:
1.What is your secret to the perfect selfie? Get the right angle for your face and find the perfect lighting …
2. Name five apps you can’t live without. Shazaam, Apple Music, Youper, Snapseed
and Instagram.
3. What colour crayon are you? I’m definitely red, because it resembles the blood, sweat and tears in my past, as well as love, which we all want.
4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Teleportation …
5. What hobbies do you have? I’m addicted to running but I also like to read, cook, play guitar, listen to music or enjoy nature when I get the chance.

Details: 083 635 4717 or [email protected] or follow her on Facebook, Valeska Muller.



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