Taking outdoor exercise to the next level


South Africans have always been partial to enjoying nature and exercising outdoors –  whether it’s at the park, on a coastal promenade, or even in their own gardens, following routines that incorporate running, pull ups, sit ups and planks, using minimal equipment and their own bodyweight.

One such exercise is the increasingly popular Calisthenics. It’s described as the practise of a variety of movements which focus on large muscle groups. These exercises are often performed rhythmically, at differing levels of intensity and importantly – can be mastered outdoors.

Popular men’s deodorant brand, Shower to Shower Men, featured Calisthenics athlete Adam Deane in their recent advertising campaign and brand manager Claire Bowen says that it was the perfect exercise discipline to truly illustrate what the brand offers its consumers.

‘Our brand motto is ‘Take Fresh to the Extreme’, and when we saw Adam Deane in action, it was clear that he was literally taking his performance to the extreme. The collaboration between Shower to Shower Men and this niche but growing sport, is all about demonstrating our brand performance and efficacy.’

Here Adam’s tips to get our outdoor workout started:

  1. Start with a press up. If you’re not able to lift your own body weight, then you’re definitely not ready to lift a weight.
  2. Squats, lunges and the infamous plank are next on the list. You should be able to do each of these around 20 times, without needing to be shipped off to the nearest medical centre.
  3. Third on the list is what’s called a ‘close grip inverted row’.  Place a bar in the squat rack and take an underhand grip. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart. If you’re able, pull your body up using your arms until your chest almost connects with the bar. It’s important to keep your body as straight as possible to protect your back. Once up, pause slightly then lower yourself slowly back down. Do this 20 times.
  4. Once you’ve got all that right, it’s time to celebrate with a ‘Superman plank’. Get into the normal plank position, then slowly lift and extend one arm and the opposite leg, hold for five seconds or for as long as feels comfortable. Bring both your arm and leg back to the starting position and raise the opposite arm and leg.

Details: For more on calisthenics get in touch with the South African street workout and calisthenics association: https://www.facebook.com/SASWCA/. Follow Shower to Shower Men: https://www.facebook.com/ShowerToShowerSA/