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New Naturally Africa hair care range

Let’s face it … No one is immune to a bad hair day!

Dry scalp, frizzy, fragile or brittle hair can be time-consuming and uncomfortable at the best of times. Naturally, Africa aims to address these everyday concerns and treat them with the care and attention they deserve.

The Naturally Africa team invested months in perfecting each product, ensuring that the range would protect, moisturise and nourish your hair and scalp – from root to tip. Each ingredient used in this unique range has been thoughtfully selected to serve a purpose and bring you a collection that provides affordable, effective, quality products, that supports the lifestyle of textured hair. Naturally, Africa is +95 per cent naturally derived and clean beauty, this means that each product is cruelty-free, with a vegan-friendly formula. These moisture-rich and chemically free formulations will cleanse condition and hydrate hair – naturally!

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Naturally Africa Cleansing Conditioner R139.95

Never mind a ‘two in one’ this cleansing conditioner is a three in one miracle product!

This product has been carefully formulated with the highest quality of ingredients ensuring nothing but the best for your hair. The high level of sunflower seed oil will leave your scalp hydrated without eliminating any of the moisture. It is gentle enough for regular use on dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. *This product is sulphate free. 

Naturally Africa Hair & Scalp Oil R159.95

Everyone wants something different, be it long luscious locks or shorter tightly defined curls – it all starts with a healthy canvas. Your scalp is just as important as your individual strands – without the root being healthy and happy, how can your hair grow?

Now you can have it all with this unique formulation.

Your hair will look healthier but not greasy and your scalp will feel soothed and cleansed.

Naturally Africa Hair Food & Scalp Therapy R179.95

Hair Food & Scalp Therapy without the sustenance your hair won’t grow.

The truth is that no amount of head massages will cure your scalp problems. Good hair starts with a healthy scalp – an oily head or excessive dryness needs proper treatment.

Hair Food & Scalp therapy is a natural multivitamin for your head; alleviating dry scalp and hydrating the skin leaving it comfortable and soft. Infused with hydrating water and providing it with a soft, light touch and non-greasy feel.

Naturally Africa Curl Defining Lotion – R159.95

Curl Defining Lotion for moisture, shine and curl.

Do you often feel like your hair has a mind of its own? Loose curls at the back but tighter coils in the front? Frizz on top but perfectly defined around your temples? Fortunately, we’re here to move those locks in the right direction and keep that ‘fro looking fab.

This formulation provides your hair with everything it has been asking for, hydration to condition each individual strand, yet packing the punch it needs to be whipped into shape and stay that way.

Naturally Africa Curl Refresher Spray – R139.95

Curl Refresher Spray for moisture, shine and curl. No more frizz, dryness and split ends!

There’s a big difference between cute and curly or fluffy and frizzy! Armed with your secret weapon, instantly smooth, condition and sleek curls are right at your fingertips. Carefully developed with a non-greasy formula containing vegetable proteins, just one ‘tsssss’ and you’ll never look back!

Naturally Africa Detangling Spray – R139.95

Who says brushing, combing and detangling your hair should equate to a workout at the gym?

With one or two pumps of this incredible spray, you will have the power to transform your hair with ease. This carefully formulated product will condition each strand of hair, leaving it easy to manage, silky smooth to touch and make un-braiding a breeze! With ingredients such as vegetable protein, your hair will be replenished from the inside out.

Naturally Africa Braid Moisturizing Spray – R139.95

At a glance, braids are the perfect low maintenance protective style. Just like every living organism, hair needs moisture and sustenance to survive.

Whether you fashion your own hair into individual braids or choose synthetic extensions, a moisturizing spray is essential to seal the braids, protect your roots and keep your overall look in check.

Carefully formulated with tea tree oil to soothe your scalp and neutralize any undesirable odour, this moisturizing spray will slot right into your busy schedule with ease.

Naturally Africa Locking Gel Wax – R179.95

Keep the styling process simple with our naturally formulated locking gel wax. Infused with Vegetable Protein, Vitamin E & Tea Tree Oil.

No residue, a non-greasy feel yet still treating your scalp and hair with the hydration that it deserves.

*This product contains natural styling ingredients derived from corn!

Available at Clicks Stores from 25 March 2020.

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