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The lowdown on highlighters

Anyone with an Instagram account will know that glow is in – and it’s not going away anytime soon! Getting that ethereal “glow from within” look not only makes your skin look healthier, but it cuts years off your complexion too.

Highlighter catches the light, gives the skin a healthy glow and can be used to emphasize natural features. As a general rule, highlighter should be applied to areas of the face where light naturally bounces off: the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow, and even the inner corners of the eye.

Filters are great, but nothing beats a great quality highlighter. With so many on the market, how do you choose one, and how do you know which formulation is best for your skin? Catrice gives us the lowdown on highlighters:

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Liquid highlighter is slightly trickier to apply than powder and creams, and it has a tendency to break up your foundation underneath it if applied on top. For best results, apply this before you apply foundation (but opt for a light foundation that does not offer full coverage), or mix a drop or two into your foundation for a pretty all-over glow.

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Powder highlighters are great for oilier skin types. When using a powder, this should be the last step in your makeup routine, and always apply powder after your foundation has been applied. *Sneaky tip* powder highlighters also double up as eyeshadow!

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A creamy textured highlighter works great on drier skin types and can be applied either before or after foundation. The most versatile of highlighter textures, it can be applied with your hands or a brush. A cream texture works particularly well on the top of the cheekbones.

This formulation is known for looking very fresh and natural on the skin.

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Powder highlighters are usually used for a more intense glow, while liquids and creams are better for achieving a more natural glow. Some makeup artists like to apply liquid or cream first and then apply a soft layer of powder highlighter on top for added shimmer.

There are various shades of highlighter available; everything from silver/white, to champagne gold, to rose gold and even highlighters leaning towards bronze. The fairer your skin, the lighter the shade of highlighter you should use. Very fair skins carry a translucent to silver highlighter beautifully, while dark skins look phenomenal with gold and bronze highlighter. But having said that, makeup rules are there to be broken, and experimenting with various shades until you find your perfect match is still the best advice we could give.

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