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This hand sanitiser is just ‘treemendus’!

treemendus, South Africa’s first range of certified organic tea tree body care products has just launched their newest addition, a 100% natural tea tree Hand Sanitiser.

Its combination of 2% organic tea tree oil and 70% alcohol is formulated to effectively help reduce exposure to potential disease-causing bacteria. It’s designed to use when soap and water are not readily available.

Tea tree essential oils’ antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties are well-documented, giving this hand sanitiser effective but gentle sanitising properties. While the alcohol evaporates quickly, the tea tree oil remains longer on the skin potentially providing additional protection through its antimicrobial efficacy.

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The treemendus Hand Sanitiser 100ml (R35.00) perfectly complements the existing range of tremendous:

  • treemendus tea tree essential oil
  • treemendus tea tree shampoo
  • treemendus tea tree body wash
  • treemendus tea tree hand wash
  • treemendus tea tree body lotion

The treemendus Hand Sanitiser will soon be available to purchase in 200ml.

Tea tree oil, known for its gentle cleansing and healing properties, is the key ingredient in the treemendus range. The tea tree extract used in the treemendus products is certified organic by ECOCERT, to guarantee the highest quality and purity.

treemendus tea tree oil is organically grown in South Africa, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizer.  All products from the treemendus range are free of harsh and hazardous chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and SLS. No synthetic fragrances or artificial colours are used.

All treemendus products are available for purchase at www.soil.co.za

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Twitter: @soil_organics

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