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Love your look (plus we’re giving away a full makeover!)

Imagine if you could borrow the fairy godmother’s magic wand from time to time … With a quick twinkle and flick and voilà!, a revamped look. We chat to real-life fairy godmother, makeover specialist Lana Joubert about the magic she creates with her hair scissors and make-up brushes.

As a little girl, nothing made her happier than to cut and style her dolls’ hair. So, no one was surprised when she followed a career in hairdressing. A course in make-up artistry soon followed and Lana combined these two passions and started to transform women. After 12 years in the beauty industry and always on the lookout to broaden her skills, she is now also an image consultant, which fits her like a glove.

From educating clients on their body shape, colour palette, all things clothing-related to their silhouette, wearing the right jewellery, and styles you should hmm … rather avoid. The latest edition to her ever-growing list of expertise is a full wardrobe one-on-one service. Yes … we all have our tried-and-true beauty and clothing staples, but sometimes the old standbys can grow a little stale. That’s why in Lana’s own words ‘every woman should go for a makeover at least once in her life. It is extremely powerful in the sense of what it can do for your self-esteem.

‘I’ve had women coming in for makeovers to secure a certain job with success. Image is extremely important in the work environment. Your look tells a story! Highly successful and qualified women have been turned away from the perfect job opportunity, for which they are more than qualified, sadly based on the first impressions they created.

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‘And don’t think for one moment you don’t have the potential to look your best. When certain features are enhanced correctly or softened subtly, any woman can look absolutely astounding. Little changes can make a huge difference, whether it be the correct hair colour to balance an eye colour or skin tone, a hairstyle that can alter and change the shape of the face, or make-up that can softly and naturally add that sparkle to the eye.

‘I’ve done a makeover once where I decided to cut the hair of a woman in her late 40s that was all the way down to her bum to a modern-day pixie cut. Her original hair colour was a harsh dark brown which aged her tremendously. I lightened her hair to a beautiful ice blond and gave it texture and movement. She loved the look as she is sporty, active and very spontaneous. And she looked 20 years younger. People assumed her 18-year-old daughter was her sister … I’m sure anyone will agree, there is just something so exciting about seeing how different someone can look.’

During lockdown last year, Lana, who admits to being quite the introvert, stepped out of her comfort zone and started with live make-up tutorials on her Facebook page to interact with her followers. These videos became so popular that a local television channel started to follow her.

Photographer: NICOLE MOORE.

‘MYtv asked me if I could do live makeovers and before I knew it, I had my first makeover TV show called EKSIE PERFEKSIE (www.mytv.co.za)! Nothing was scripted, the entire show was real, unplanned and the clients who featured on it were already pre-booked on the specific dates filming was done. The makeovers were spontaneous as I saw the clients for the first time when they arrived on set.’

In between everything else, Lana also launched Beauty Boxes – a marvellous personalised box filled with make-up goodies, very valuable notes like a quick colour analysis, best colours for your eyes, lips and blusher, contouring, a facial chart guiding you with your specific products, step-by-step personalised application and so much more. And, it seems there is no stopping Lana just yet. She would love to branch out with her own make-up line shortly.

‘I would also love to add an exclusive boutique line clothing to my makeovers. But who knows what could happen next? My line of work surprises me every year … I love to grow!’

Already so talented, you might not have known she’s got a few hidden talents up her sleeve – she can deadlift 110kg, loves photography and art, and definitely believes she can become a psychologist!

Oh, and then there are a few quirky habits she doesn’t mind sharing …

I’ve accepted myself and the unique flaws we all have. It’s okay to be imperfectly perfect

‘I always look for things that are out of place and put them where they belong, I analyse people while watching movies, I smell everything and my wardrobe needs to be organised and colour-coordinated from light to dark in all tones and shades.’

Although she always looks like she has just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine, there is nothing she loves more than to tie her hair in a ponytail, remove all jewellery, slip into something comfy and embrace the beautiful view of the dam at Pecanwood after a long day.

Surprisingly, Lana is also not one bit uncomfortable when she is not wearing make-up.
‘Before I started with my make-up tutorials, you wouldn’t have seen me without make-up. But, I’ve accepted myself and the unique flaws we all have. It’s okay to be imperfectly perfect. In any case, beauty is not what mainstream media promotes. It is something that shines from within a person … it is confidence, acceptance, happiness and embracing your true self.’

Details: lanajoubert.co.za or follow her on Facebook, Lana Joubert – Makeover Specialist.

Main image photograph: Renske de Klerk-Engelbrecht


Lana Joubert Makeover Specialist is giving away a marvellous full makeover to one very, very lucky Get It Joburg West reader. The makeover will include a consultation, full head tint/ foils, cut and styling, Goldwell in-salon treatment, transformation makeup, a Beauty Box plus an in-dept image consultation! This incredible prize is valued at R7 500.

To enter, WhatsApp a full-length photograph of yourself, your name & surname, age, contact details and Get It magazine competition to 066 166 5302.

Take note of the following:

  • Only women based on the West Rand are allowed to enter.
  • Should you be announced as the winner, you will be required to travel to Lana Joubert – Makeover Specialist in Hartbeespoort on the specific date and time they have available. Should you not be available, a new winner will be selected.
  • Travel costs are for your own account.
  • You must be willing and open for a change (for example, hair cut & colour).
  • Before and after photographs will be taken and published on social media and print.
  • Entries close February 15.
  • Ts & Cs apply.
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