Shake off the blues with a motivational event


For many individuals and businesses, South Africa has become a place of near-constant struggles, demotivation and even hopelessness. Well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker, Hein Strauss, will show how the exact opposite is true.

Rise up, an event which will also feature a scrumptious dinner, is custom-made for those who feel like they’ve become uninspired and detached from their dreams, as well as those who are on a good trajectory, but feel like they could use some additional inspiration and a solid networking opportunity to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Hein says that this session will definitely not be about sugar coating, telling people that ‘there is no crisis’, that there ‘really isn’t a single good reason to be unhappy’ and that ‘simply reframing your thoughts will fix everything’.

“It’ll be a healthy dose of realism that draws from my own experiences, good and bad – confronting the harsh realities that we face in the news and our daily lives. But it will also focus strongly on how people’s core needs, even across various socio-economic contexts, are virtually identical.

“How, in addressing these needs, we should make time to proactively revisit and unpack the meaning we want in life, the epicentre of our character, its possibilities and its unique and absolutely infinite potential. To convert wishes and dreams into actions and goals by pushing through the things that hold us back, unlocking and stretching our faith, abilities and skills to the max and growing into a better version of self in the process.

“Whether you feel completely disheartened and demotivated, or whether you are relatively okay, but still some distance away from the life you were meant to live, this event is an excellent opportunity to reignite some proper, sustainable spark. It offers a platform to be inspired, to rise up and reconnect with your destiny. All with a great social vibe and an excellent networking opportunity to boot.”

Date: September 1

Time: 6pm

Venue: Morrells Boutique Hotel

Tickets: R500, limited seats are available.

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