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Eight lifestyle hacks to rewild and reboot your skin

Your skin is alive and, just like an ecosystem in a rainforest or ocean reef, it needs to maintain a delicate balance to thrive.

Bad diet, stress, make-up and naughty skincare habits can all disrupt the skin microbiome and lead to problematic skin.


• Embrace naked days

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Give your skin a break from all the layers and products by opting for make-up-free days. The less make-up worn, the less cleansing is needed – which is really good news for the skin’s microbiome and allows your skin to begin to rewild.  


• Go easy on the cleansing

Don’t get us wrong, cleansing is important, but over cleansing is a problem. By over cleansing with products twice a day, the skin is stripped of all those valuable, natural oils it produces, washing away the protection they provide. A simple splash on the face with lukewarm water every morning is ideal. 


• Stay away from the sweet stuff

Like it or not, sugar is detrimental to our health, and the skin is no exception. Sugar breaks down the collagen and elastin that gives the skin its structure and firmness. Try to cut down – or cut out – sugar wherever possible.


• Go outside

Being in nature gives your mental and physical well-being an instant boost – and your skin loves it too, thanks to all those good microbes that interact with the skin in a healthy way. This is something that simply can’t be replicated by manufactured products. Go outside and allow your skin to rewild while lowering stress levels and improving your mood.


• Scoop up some sunshine

Next time you go outdoors, spend about 15 minutes in nature without sunscreen on, to allow your skin to bask in some Vitamin D goodness. More than 15 minutes will move into sunburn territory, which you definitely want to avoid. 


• Move more

There’s no way of getting around it – everyone needs to exercise. It’s good for physical well-being, mental well-being, and the skin! Sweating releases built-up toxins while the increased heart rate increases blood flow throughout the body, resulting in healthier skin.


• Include omegas

When you’re low on Omega 3s and Omega 6s – found in fresh fish, eggs, and seeds – your skin health is going to suffer, as these quality oils support the skin’s barrier function and the microbiome.


• Know what’s in your skin products

Organic, natural and microbiome friendly – these are the three key aspects you are looking for in your skincare range. Not sure where to start? We love Esse products, as they offer natural, probiotic skincare ranges that help to balance that microbiome and enhance skin health.

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