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Five creative ways to have family fun over Easter (even when you’re far apart)

Easter weekend is widely celebrated with family, but what if you are far from home this year?

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares five family fun activities to celebrate this year’s Easter at home or over the phone:

Digital Easter egg hunt

Remember the days when you scoured the house, or went out into the garden and hunted in mum’s flower beds for those delicious chocolate Easter eggs? With a bit of planning and some creative tech additions, you can grow those memories across generations, by video-calling granny and grandad on a “digital Easter egg hunt” so they can enjoy this fun activity with their grandchildren. Here’s what to do to get this activity ready:

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  1. Choose your hiding spots

Decide where you are going to hide the Easter eggs and use your Nokia X20 (because it allows you to take multiple angles at the same time), snap a pic of an area near each hiding spot that can act as a clue for the kids.

  1. Give granny and grandpa the leading clue

Create a clue for every hiding spot that the grandparents (or whomever you will be patching in digitally to take part in the fun) will share with the kids. This clue, together with the photo you take, will lead to the egg.

  1. Capture the moment

Remember to capture the moment with a photo of the kids finding each egg, then you can create a beautiful movie of the experience using the cool features using the Nokia X20’s 64 MP camera and share it with the family. (Remember to keep these videos, so every year you can add to them and on a special occasion you can share a montage of videos – and memories!)


Enjoy a meal together

That Easter Sunday meal can be the highlight of your Easter weekend. If family isn’t able to join you, you can still enjoy the meal together in different locations. The Nokia X20 has a very high-quality front-facing camera (32 MP to be exact!), you can video-call a family member right into the kitchen to prepare the Easter meal together.


Easter movie night

You can easily enjoy an Easter movie together by creating an Easter Movie Night WhatsApp group, setting an exact time that you will all start watching the movie together, then enjoy comments on the group about theories on plot twists, shared amusement at hilarious scenes, and selfies of you eating popcorn and Easter eggs while watching the movie.

Easter Movie Ideas: A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Peter Rabbit 2, Watership Down, Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade


Have a mobile Easter silent disco

Set up your physical party space with some Easter decorations, get your food and drinks ready, and create a Mobile Easter Party music playlist using Spotify on the Nokia X20 that you can share with your family group. Connect your headphones to your mobile and dial your family members in; hit that play button and enjoy an awesome Easter party together.


Online Easter quiz

Test your general knowledge against your family members with an online Easter quiz. You can set a time where everyone will start the quiz together, and then give a time limit (no cheating!). The winner has to do a funny dance or sing on camera – or make it more competitive and the winner has to buy everyone a digital coffee voucher.

Some great apps that you can use for this quiz include Kahoot!, Sporcle, Twinkl, and SlideLizard.

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