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Six care tips to keep your cutlery and crockery in top shape

You’ve carefully selected your crockery collection, and have invested in a stunning set of quality cutlery, but how do you keep the silverware looking their best and prevent your white casserole dishes from staining or cracking?

Enjoy your table and serving ware to the full and make them last a lifetime by understanding how to care for them and knowing the dos and don’ts when it comes to looking after these valuable items. Maxwell & Williams South Africa share six tips to help you get the best service out of your crockery and cutlery:

Read the label: Always check what the label at the bottom of the plate or dish says to understand if any special care instructions are required.  While most dinnerware and tableware items are dishwasher safe, handwashing is always advised. Double check items with metallic bands of gold and platinum – some might be microwave safe, but others aren’t.

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We love a little metallic band of gold or platinum on crockery, just check if they are dishwasher and microwave safe, as this isn’t always guaranteed. (200ml, R 259)


Wash gently: When washing your cutlery and crockery, avoid using abrasive sponges or steel wool, as they can scratch the surface. Instead, use a soft sponge or cloth and a mild dishwashing detergent to prevent any damage. Opt for natural products like white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda. Also, don’t let dirty dishes stand for too long, as red wine, tea, coffee or curries could leave behind stains if not cleaned immediately after use.

Soak your new, cute bowls or other crockery in warm soapy water for an hour to dissolve the sticker. (12cm, R 319)


Store properly: Make sure your cutlery and crockery are completely dry and free from water spots or stains before packing them away to prevent moisture build up. Try not to stack large piles of plates, as the weight could cause scratching or damage. Rather, lay coffee filters or paper plates in between the plates, if piling them up can’t be avoided. 

Make sure your cutlery and crockery is clean and dry before packing it away carefully.


Polish it up: Not all cutlery should go into the dishwasher – especially not if you are the proud owner of 18/0 stainless steel cutlery. To keep your cutlery’s shine up, polish them regularly with a soft cloth. 

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, shiny Cosmopolitan cutlery set? (56 piece, R2400)


TLC for wood items: Wooden serving spoons and wood serving boards are handcrafted with great care. Over time, a dishwasher could ruin the durability and the beautiful grain of wood, so rather hand wash with warm water and a mild soap, and dry completely with a dish towel. Do not soak your wooden items for extended periods. 

A wooden Lazy Susan is the perfect addition to a dining room table setup. (40cm, R499)


Check the temperature: Always check the label of your dinnerware and serving ware to ensure it is oven safe. To avoid thermal shock to your crockery, avoid putting a piping hot dish or plate in cold water or placing a cold item directly from the fridge or freezer into a preheated oven.

 Details: Maxwell and Williams 

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