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Everything you need to know about induction hobs – including why you need one

Like it or not, food is life and eating means cooking, so unless you have an unlimited take-out budget or can afford to have a live-in cook, it’s best you set up your kitchen to make cooking as effortless, efficient and energy-savvy as possible.

The best place to start? The hob, of course. Now, we know there are quite a few options out there, but we just love induction hobs…so much so that we’ve got five reasons why we can’t go without one. Take a look: 

So little energy, so much power: Traditional hobs need time to heat up to the required temperature and time to cool down after being used. This makes for a lot of wasted energy. Induction hobs only heat up the actual pan, leaving everything around the pan cool to the touch, using only the required energy to cook the actual food.

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No more waiting around: Thanks to modern technology, induction hobs have all sorts of fancy tech built into them to make them super speedy – in fact, it is said to be the fastest cooking method on the market at the moment.   

A dream to clean: It can be a real pain to clean a hob with coils or metal frames, whereas the ceramic glass surface of an induction hob generally just asks for a wipe down with a damp cloth and off you go again. 

Safety first: If you have nightmares about your cat walking across the hot stove or your child touching the hob while you are cooking, fear no more. With an induction hob, the surface is immediately cool and safe to touch as soon as the pot is removed. 

Clever and cool: Forget about getting hot and bothered in the kitchen while you have a couple of pots and pans on the go. Miele’s smart Con@ctivity technology allows the cooker hood to communicate with the induction hob below, and automatically responds to what is happening, keeping the kitchen temperature comfortable and controlled. 

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