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Five steps to choose your perfect winter perfume

You’ve unpacked your winter clothes, got the warm bedding out and updated your skincare routine to protect and nourish it throughout the colder months…but have you updated your fragrance to suite the cooler weather? 

Many of us forget about swapping out our sweeter, floral perfume for a more suitable winter scent, which is why we’ve gathered five tips to help you choose your perfect winter fragrance. 

Explore edible delights: Indulge your senses with comfort food fragrances. Scents that showcase sweet and enticing aromas like chocolate, caramel, coffee, or spices like nutmeg and ginger, will evoke a sense of comfort and delight.

Embrace the warmth: Winter calls for a fragrance that surrounds you in a comforting embrace. Opt for rich and cosy notes of amber, musk and sandalwood. Try: Gold Series Serendipity, that evokes a feeling of warmth and relaxation, perfect for those cold winter nights by the fireplace.

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Seek refreshing citrus: For those seeking a burst of energy and invigoration during winter, citrus-based fragrances are an excellent choice. Scents with notes of bergamot, lemon, or grapefruit offer a refreshing and uplifting experience that can brighten even the gloomiest winter days.

Embrace seasonal memories: Winter landscapes can be inspiring, and fragrances that capture the essence of the great outdoors can transport you to a crisp winter’s morning. Look for scents that feature woody notes like pine, combined with hints of crisp air or earthy elements. These fragrances bring a sense of freshness and nature to your winter routine.

Experiment and personalise: Remember that fragrance preferences are deeply personal. Take the time to explore and experiment with different scents to find the one that complements your unique personality and style.

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