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5 boredom-busting, family-friendly holiday activities

Planning a family getaway where kids of all ages are entertained can be quite challenging, especially if there is a fairly big age gap between them. 

Worry not, as we’ve got five holiday activities that are sure to entertain everyone from toddles to teens, while banishing the dreaded “I’m bored” phrase. 

  1. Ahoy, Captain: What type of holiday ticks all the boxes for every single family member, regardless of age or interests? A cruise holiday! With so many activities on offer, from racetracks and virtual games areas to cooking classes and ziplining, plus convenient babysitting services, there’s plenty for everyone to look forward to – and the parents are guaranteed a rest too. 
  2. Head into the mountains: Hiking gets the kids outdoors and in the sunshine. Remember to check if the trail is suitable for your kids’ ages and the family’s fitness level. You could also look into a quality wrap and carrier that can carry toddlers up to 20 kg, such as the proudly South African Ubuntu Baba Stage.
  3. Adventure time: Many museums around the globe offer hands-on exhibits and interactive displays that are suitable for young children. You can also make the visit more fun by turning your museum excursion into a scavenger hunt or quiz.
  4. Go for a ride: Let the kids run free at a theme park. Most have rides and attractions that cater to different age groups, from gentle rides for toddlers to thrill rides for teens. Think family theme parks such as Gold Reef City.
  5. Head to the beach: There’s a reason why family beach holidays are so popular – spending time at the beach is a great way for families to relax and have fun together. Toddlers can play in the sand and shallow water, while older children and teens can swim, surf and play beach games. One of our faves is Mauritius, especially during off-season, when you can enjoy warm weather and stunning scenery without the crowds.

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