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MES excited to Ride for Purpose and make a change

It’s time for the 947 Ride Joburg – Ride for Purpose event and we’re excited to see how the community will come together to make a change.

One of the organisations eager to ride for purpose is MES (Mould Empower Serve), a non-profit organisation deeply committed to “changing the heart of the city” and empowering our community for 37 years now.

Their Youth Servant Leadership Programme (YSLP) has been a beacon of hope for local youth, offering essential skills development, personal growth opportunities, and career guidance to over 200 school going learners in the inner-city. The YSLP volunteers who run this programme have selflessly dedicated a year of their lives to making a positive impact on the lives of our school going learners. Now, MES is reaching out to their community for support.

The 947 Ride Joburg event aims to generate funds that will directly benefit these committed volunteers. These funds will be used to provide essential resources, such as educational materials and mentorship opportunities, allowing them to continue their life as they pursue tertiary education and career opportunities. They are excited to raise awareness about the importance of empowering local youth and supporting those who are making a real difference.

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Don’t miss the 947 Ride Joburg event on 19 November starting at 5.30am at the FNB Stadium to raise funds (R50 000) for MES’ dedicated Youth Servant Leadership Programme Exist Plan.

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