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5 reasons why a “nappy braai” is a must for soon-to-be dads

Pregnancy is all about the expecting mom, right? Not anymore! These days, dads are being celebrated too … nappy braais, dadchelors, mate-ernity parties – you name it, dads are doing it. And we love it! 

Bringing a human being into the world and learning to navigate parenthood is no easy feat. All the more reason to gather friends and family for soon-to-be dads and show them some love and support while celebrating their impending fatherhood. Here are five reasons why the daddy celebration is a must: 

Bonding and support: Beyond the braai merriment, soon-to-be fathers connect with their male friends in a relaxed and casual atmosphere where they can share their hopes, fears, and questions about becoming a parent, creating a strong support network.

Practical advice and tips: From diaper-changing tricks to soothing techniques and balancing work and family life, this is the time to get insider hacks from the experienced dad in the group. 

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Celebrating the transition: Organise a 30-Second trivia for new dads, Diaper Derby or a nursery rhyme quiz to add some fun. Family and friends often bring gifts for the baby including essentials, and baby registries for nappy braais are also becoming more common. Nappies are a standard entry gift for invitees, with organisers asking everyone attending to bring a pack of nappies – these will 100% come in handy! To make their lives easier, it is also common for guys to club together to buy one more expensive gift, like a cot or pram. Not sure where to start? Our go-to for gift shop is Dis-Chem Baby City.

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Relieving stress and encouraging self-care: Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming, and celebrating offers an opportunity for expectant fathers to relax and unwind before their little one arrives. Friends can plan activities that help the dad-to-be de-stress, such as outdoor adventures, sports activities, or simply spending quality time together. Encouraging self-care and relaxation helps new dads enter fatherhood with a refreshed and positive mindset.

Fostering camaraderie: Mate-ernity parties strengthen the bond among friends, creating lasting memories and a sense of camaraderie. The shared experience of supporting a friend through this important life transition brings friends closer together and forms a solid foundation for continued friendship, guidance, encouragement, and support in the years to come.

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