5 tips to infuse your home with festive fragrances while cleaning


Cookies, Christmas trees and cinnamon sticks…ooh, how we love the enchanting aromas of the festive season! 

Bring the magical feeling of Christmas into your home while making it sparkle by adding your favourite scents to your cleaning products. Here are some ideas: 

Spritz surfaces with Christmas zest: Infuse your homemade cleaning solutions with essential oils to introduce your desired scent. For example, add a few drops of cinnamon and orange essential oils to your solution for wiping surfaces. They not only clean effectively, but also leave behind a festive fragrance.

Give your home a festive fragrance during your next cleaning mission. Source: Unsplash

Festive smelling steam mopping: A steam mop can freshen up floors wonderfully. Try adding a few drops of pine or fir essential oil into the water. As the steam permeates through your home, so will the fresh, woody scent, reminiscent of cool forests.

Scented vacuum filters: Before you vacuum, place a few drops of peppermint or gingerbread fragrance on the vacuum filter. These scents will lightly disperse throughout the room while you clean, contributing to the overall festive atmosphere.

Prolonging the Fragrance: After cleaning, a bowl of homemade festive potpourri (dry mix of spices, fruit peels, and maybe a sprinkle of glitter) can help maintain the scent in your home. It’s aesthetically pleasing and keeps the aroma lingering for longer.

Scented pine cones: Gently scented pine cones strategically placed around your home can amplify the festive spirit. They’re easy to prepare with a few drops of essential oils and can be nestled in your Christmas tree or presented in a decorative bowl.

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