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4 smart home features to boost your property value

Knowing how smart to go when it comes to running your home via apps on your phone can be quite tricky…especially with so many features available. 

While it might feel fancy to ask Google to turn on the lights and change the song that’s playing in the lounge, these tech features are not necessarily going to make your home stand out to potential buyers…or are they? Experts say yes, to a degree. 

It’s important to remember, that any tech that comes with an app and is removable can be taken by the seller, once the house is sold, therefore not being beneficial to the buyer. 

Here are the four home integrated technology features that you could look at installing to up your property’s resale value, according to RE/MAX of Southern Africa: 

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1. Smart Security System 

An alarm system, including window and door sensors and outdoor sensors, that can be monitored and controlled through a smart phone. This gives you piece of mind when you are not home and the alarm goes off, as you can see which sensors were activated from your phone. 

2. Voice Assistant

Voice activated software that carries out simple commands, like telling the TV to turn on or lowering the volume of the home’s surround sound system.

3. Smart Lock & Doorbell 

A Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled door lock that works via an app, means you can still get into the house, if you forgot your keys. The doorbell can have an integrated camera so that you can see who’s there, when you are not at home, via the app. This is also handy if you are running a B&B and need to let guests in often, as you can control the access from anywhere. 

4. Smart Garage Door

A Wi-Fi enabled device that allows you to check on the garage door, (open and shut it) when you are away from home can be incredibly useful.

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