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Women on the Move: Meet Lida Coetzee

The world is run by WOMEN. Strong, brave, courageous, witty, kick-ass women. The City of Roses boasts some of the toughest, most compassionate and most inspiring female leaders you’ll ever come across. This month, Get It celebrates these leaders and their superpowers. Because, let’s face it, we’re not just businesswomen. We are mothers, daughters, caretakers, wives, cooks, cleaners, teachers and motivators. We are invested in our communities, and care for those who need a mother’s love. We look at the future while tending to the present with grace and attention to detail. We do it all, with added vava-VOOM for those extra curve balls life throws at us.

In this year’s Get It Women on the Move feature, Vodacom is at the forefront, celebrating this team of strong women with us. Visit www.vodacom.co.za for details on all it has on offer.

Meet Lida Coetzee

With only a dream and heaps of enthusiasm, Lida started her own printing and branding company from her garage back in 1996. Over the years it has grown in leaps and bounds to where it is today – a successful extended family business, Quality Print, that has earned the absolute trust and respect from her clients.

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Maybe one of the most important aspects of her business is that Lida, with her background of social work, values people more than numbers. This has been a huge contributor to her success. “Don’t get me wrong – no business can survive without a good, steady income, but we value our clients and their loyalty above all else.

“We depend on building an emotional bond with our clients and being transparent. My job is to ensure that we treasure this culture and never take it for granted. In our office, we have fun, we are a family and we function as a unit – making our clients part of our family.”

Lida’s company has a broad client base in Central South Africa. The business focuses on building brands, which includes supplying and printing of corporate clothing, T-shirts, corporate gifts, signage and banners. One of the biggest challenges for Lida over the years
has been balancing her world between her two children’s school activities, being part of a family, being a daughter, sister, friend, financial manager, quality controller, buyer, seller and oh, so many different things at once. One thing that Lida does exceptionally well is
to really listen to others. “I often experience that a client has needs; not only ‘business-needs’ but personal needs. Through years, my clients, old and new, grew to trust me with both. I value that and keep it close to my heart. In my view, that is what sets us apart from a big corporate company.”

Her mantra in business, and in life, is: “All moments are key moments, and life itself is Grace! By Grace, I am!”

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