Decorating our fingers, upcycled style


From Perspex and wood to steel and epoxy inlays laced with crushed coffee beans, shells and semi-precious stones, we are totally in love with these upcycled rings by Barker Designs.

Created in the comforts of his home workshop, Justin Barker sold the rings he made for himself right off his fingers from day one, and now has a waiting list of orders from friends and fans who’ve spotted his work on social media.

His original designs incorporated mixed mediums like Perspex and wood, but he’s having a blast experimenting with bands lathed from stainless steel which he finishes with all kinds of fun-filled bits and pieces in an epoxy inlay… You name it… he’ll add it! The rings are priced individually and are utterly unique. Follow Justin on Instagram: @barker_designs18 or contact him on 082 494 8732.