Jewellery trends for the month of love

Summer is still in full swing and with it, an increased desire to put your best foot forward in the mall, on the beach or in the office. Nothing makes a statement quite like an extraordinary piece of jewellery, or the combination of a few pieces worn in a certain way. Local designer and co-founder of jewellery brand Black Betty – Kristin Weixelbaumer, gives us her thoughts on trends as we start the month of love.

  1. You spin me right round baby….

The cylindrical sphere is taking the lead in jewellery this season. Three dimensional round shapes are being suspended in all formats but specifically on earrings and long chains. Think crystal ball inspired lockets, long earrings and charms of all sizes.

2. Two rights don’t make a wrong…

The days of digging through your jewellery drawer to locate the second earring in the pair are over. In February, choose earrings based on colour or texture and mix it up. Long and short, bright and muted tones, round and square. Better yet, leave one ear clean and clear and choose a daring selection in just one lobe. The more creative the better.

3. If Kate Winslet could pull it off…

Reminiscent of days gone by, the elegant pearl is making a strong comeback. Opt for delicate settings and brooches to adorn your summer neck scarves. Rings are a popular choice and take femininity and charm to a new level.

4. Biggest hoop wins…

If you’ve missed this trend to date, now’s your chance. Big hoops are bold and cheeky and compliment almost all looks.

5. The more the merrier…

It’s been said that the neck is a women’s most sensual asset. This season, channel your inner 80’s teenager and opt for chokers. The catch? You’ll need a few! Stack them one on top of the other and enjoy the attention your neck gets.