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Surrender yourself to the NEW indulgent Lindt creation range

LINDT CREATION is renowned for luxurious indulgence. Each chocolate creation is filled with exquisite ingredients enrobed in the finest LINDT chocolate, ensuring every bite unleashes a generous symphony of tastes and textures proudly crafted by the passion of the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatiers.

The new range features six different variants from sweet and smooth to dark and crunchy, now available in 150g. Indulge in Crème Brûlée, Milk Hazelnut, Wafer & Nut, Mint, Caramel, and Dark Hazelnut.

Available exclusively at Woolworths and LINDT Chocolate Boutiques, the new 150g slabs retail for RRP R69.95.

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Flavour notes:

Creation Milk Hazelnut 150g – Extra fine milk chocolate with almond and hazelnut praline, and a crunchy hazelnut filling.

Creation Dark Hazelnut 150g – Featuring the same delicious almond and hazelnut praline with crunchy hazelnut filling, enrobed in the finest dark chocolate.

Creation Crème Brûlée 150g – Extra fine milk chocolate with caramelised pieces of sugar and a smooth milk and crisp biscuit centre, offering the traditional dessert in an exquisite chocolate format.

Creation Wafer and Nut 150g – Fine milk chocolate filled with almond and hazelnut praline and chips of crispy wafer, which satisfies the most indulgent craving.

Creation Caramel 150g – Extra fine milk chocolate filled with liquid salted caramel and a layer of chocolate truffle. Experience an indulgent combination of salty and sweetness.

Creation Mint 150g – Discover the cooling sensation of a creamy mint ganache filling enrobed in extra fine dark chocolate.

For more information on LINDT, visit www.lindt.co.za or follow the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

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