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3 alternative high school options for Grade 8 learners 

If you are struggling to find a high school for your child to attend, you are not alone.

The increasing pressure on local schools, especially in the Western Cape and Gauteng, means that more and more Grade 8 learners are not getting a place in their neighbourhood school.

Luckily, there are alternative options to investigate if the school you were planning on sending your child to is at capacity:

Online education: In today’s digital age, online education platforms can be a viable alternative, offering flexibility and personalised learning. It is important to establish the credentials of an online school before signing up with one, but schools such as Evolve Online School, has an excellent reputation both for academic excellence and non-academic and holistic development of students.

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Homeschooling: Some parents explore the option of homeschooling, ensuring direct involvement in their child’s education and tailoring the curriculum to individual needs. There has been an explosion in homeschooling in recent years, with countless resources available to parents who opt for this route.

Private schools: With a reputation for quality education and smaller class sizes, private schools can provide a more personalised learning experience. The idea of “private school” is often dismissed because of perceptions about affordability, however before eliminating this option, parents should contact potential schools and at least enquire whether it would not be within their means to send their child to a private school. Abbotts College, for example, offers a non-traditional approach to private education around South Africa at competitive fees.

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