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Christmas … in your own words, with Cadbury

A festive chocolate and a story … the perfect festive pairing

Not much beats a delicious chocolate at festive time … and the Cadbury Festive range, with three limited edition flavours, hits the (delicious) spot.  We’re talking delectable Festive Gingerbread (Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with gingerbread pieces), creamy Cinnamon Crunch (Cadbury Dream with crunchy cinnamon pieces), and smooth Butterscotch & Crushed Almonds (Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with butterscotch and almonds pieces). Another surprise that we can’t get through the season without is a bag or two of the classic Cadbury Dream-coated Whispers Snowballs, with their malted honeycomb centres.

But this year, while you are gifting these chocolates, why not share the gift of your words, too?

Did you know that a culture and love of reading is sparked when children recognise themselves in stories and, even more so, when these are written in their mother tongue? Only 2 per cent of children’s books published are written in local African languages. Earlier this year, Cadbury launched their social mission to ignite a love for reading through the Read to Succeed initiative which Cadbury brought to life as the In Our Own Words campaign. This initiative called to South Africans to help co-author a collection of locally crafted stories in all our African languages. These are now easily accessible through the Cadbury In Our Own Words digital library

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With an ambitious goal of creating 1 500 new stories for children by 2023, the initiative has already generated more than 550 new stories in local African languages. A lot of this is due to the generosity of the public, who helped translate over 20 000 words to date. The continuation of this project will enable South Africans to give the gift of words to help co-author festive children’s stories that showcase a truly South African season. The stories crafted over this period will celebrate our traditions and reflect what makes our festive season special and of course they’ll be available in local African languages for children to enjoy.

Authors from Nal’iBali and Bala Books as well as Lebohang Masango (anthropologist, poet and award-winning children’s author) will create festive-themed stories from words generously translated by consumers and will be added to the Cadbury Dairy Milk In Our Own Words library.

To Gift Your Words visit www.cadbury.co.za and join the conversation on Facebook (@CadburyDairyMilkSA) or Instagram and Twitter (@Cadbury_SA) using #InOurOwnWords.

And along with gifting your words, enjoy a slab from the Cadbury Festive Range, available from your favourite supermarket. Ts and Cs apply

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