Experience clear vision with Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinics


At Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinics, they’re driven by their love for clear vision. Imagine the liberation of a life without the constant need for glasses or contact lenses. Dive into your favourite activities, be it swimming, hobbies, or sports, without ever pausing to adjust your specs or worry about your contacts.

Can you recall the moment you were informed you needed glasses? Or the first time a contact lens touched your eye? Picture the exhilaration of waking up to a world vividly clear without them. Envision a life of adventure, free from the confines of corrective lenses.

Achieving this visual freedom isn’t a distant dream but a reality for those aged 18 and above. Opting for LASIK surgery at 18 provides the advantage of enjoying impeccable near and distance vision for an extended period, enhancing your life’s quality. Plus, the younger you are, the quicker and more effectively you recuperate.

By 45, if you’ve spent years behind glasses or recently discovered the necessity for readers, there’s hope. This age marks the perfect time for PresbyLASIK surgery, potentially eliminating the future need for reading glasses. Those who underwent LASIK at a younger age might only require a presbyLASIK ‘top-up’ as reading glasses become essential.

For those aged between 55 and 65, cataracts might cloud your vision. But even then, there’s a silver lining. Whether you’ve worn glasses all your life or just recently, cataract surgery paired with a premium lens can pave the way for impeccable vision across all distances.

Embrace a life of clarity. Visit your refractive surgeon or let Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinics guide your vision journey. With the addition of consultation charges (and factoring in your medical aid rates), you can expect to pay R28 000 for LASIK and R35 000 PresbyLASIK – a small price to pay for your health.

For more information visit their websites at https://sandtoneyeclinic.co.za and https://menlyneye.co.za/ or contact them via WhatsApp on 081 777 4446.