Europe on a budget: 3 affordable travel destinations for South Africans


Travelling on the Rand does unfortunately limit your destination options, but there are some underrated countries that offer a variety of stunning attractions, good food and loads of culture without breaking the bank.

Take a look at what Flight Centre suggests:

Typical street setting with a tram in Lisbon, Portugal. Source: Unsplash

Portugal: If you are looking for beautiful coastal settings on the Mediterranean, without the hefty price tag, Portugal is your place. Digital nomads and remote workers flock to Lisbon, the capital city, because it’s one of Western Europe’s most affordable countries, which is true for tourists too. Lisbon and Porto both offer a great city break, but Porto is comparatively a bit cheaper than Lisbon, in terms of both accommodation and food. Porto is similar to Cape Town with vineyards aplenty and a bustling local food scene and coffee obsession. Make sure you try the local pastries (especially pasteis de nata) and freshly squeezed orange juice, which is available at every corner. There are often relatively cheap flight deals available to Portugal and the big bonus is that the flight isn’t really all that long, and an even bigger bonus is there’s no appreciable time zone jump, so jet lag doesn’t come into play at all.  

Beautiful town along the coast of Croatia. Source: Unsplash

Croatia: One of the most exciting travel destinations out there, this coastal gem offers some reasonable holiday packages from South Africa. The dramatic Dalmatian Coast promises supreme beach holidays, while Croatia’s delightful cities like Split and Dubrovnik will please culture and history buffs. With some 1,000 outlying islands in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a popular yacht destination, too. 

: Evening view of a city in Hungary. Source: Unsplash

Hungary:  Known for its picture-perfect scenery, with undulating hills, lakes, farmlands and vineyards, Hungary is a feast for the eyes and the soul, boasting plenty of history, too. Soak up the laid back lifestyle and indulge in superb food, visit excellent museums, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.