Roger Goode brings the party to your house in celebration of 20 years


20 years with 5FM, 20 years of pumping beats, 20 years of epic times… and what better way to celebrate 20 years of the legendary Roger Goode than with a proper set of banging parties across South Africa!

Fans will have a front-row seat on a high-octane joyride through the world of electronic party music with a distinct African undertone – a look behind the curtain of one of the most unique and exciting radio shows that SA has ever seen, experiencing it live and seeing the drill master of a fist pump nation at play.

It’s going to rock Mzansi – celebrating, many would say, the most successful show on SA’s favourite youth radio station, taking all the crazy energy from 20 years of The Roger Goode Show, cramming it into a bus and taking it on tour!

Roger kicked off this series of parties with a pumping 5FM studio party, with more to come your way. There will also be a series of club parties around South African clubs, where Roger will join forces with resident DJs and 5FM’s top talent, including Kyle Cassim, Austin Cassim, Stephanie Be, Tshepi and Zanele Potelwa. To add some extra spice, he’ll also be doing house calls with a series of house parties at listeners’ homes, again joined by his 5FM partners in crime.

Listeners will stand the chance to win house parties for themselves and 20 friends, with snacks and drinks included, VIP experiences and loads of awesome merch. All they need to do is to stay tuned to 5FM, visit , download the 5FM App, or follow 5FM on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and share their favourite Roger Goode memories, using the hash tag #20GoodeYearsOn5

“20 years young, and I still haven’t graduated from the University of 5!”, Roger laughs, “I’ve got Peter Pan Syndrome and I’m apparently the first DJ to reach 20 years with the station. Still, every show feels like the first. I can’t think of many career choices where a person gets butterflies before they clock in to work. It’s also a craft where, no matter how long you do it, you learn something new every day. It’s a humbling, flattering reflection of the feeling that the listeners have for what it is that I do. It’s really great!”

On what’s kept him bringing the vibe with 5 for two decades he says: “Music. An itch to always listen to, and play, new music. I have always been left to my own devices to play whatever I thought was on point to the youth. In commercial radio, this is a rarity and a privilege which I have always treated with great care. Entertaining people. Making them laugh, making them dance. Making people feel Goode. Sound production, radio imaging, fashion, trends and technology. Always learning new things. Doing business where the commodity is audio. It’s such great fun!”

Roger says that the past 20 years are filled beyond the brim with amazing highlights: “Broadcasting my shows dozens of times live from Ibiza during the European summers has always been packed with crazy memories. Taking the radio shows out of the studios. Flying on a private jet with Rihanna on her world tour. We traveled the world from New York, Mexico, Canada, Paris, Germany Stockholm, all in seven days, nonstop. One of the craziest trips ever, all for the radio. I remember hosting shows from L.A for the MTV music awards, discovering the underbelly of Los Angeles which was filmed for a documentary. It was crazy! Radio, TV and social media feeds all coming from the City of Angels in simulcast, it was a first of its kind. I’ve broadcast from the back seats of people’s cars in rush hour traffic. Live from the hottest clubs and stages at EDM festivals. I’ve interviewed interesting people from all walks of life. Richard Branson, Timberland, Dynamo, William Shatner, Diplo, The Swedish house mafia, Pete tong. I even got some surgery advice from Dr. Dubrow of the infamous TV show Botched… My photo album is endless.”

But if fans think that it’s time to let the Goode times go, they’ve got another thing coming! “I’m just getting started!”, says Roger. “Custodians of the 5FM brand are thrilled with the product and have indicated a long-term plan for the show. The new version of the show that we are building is now one of the flagship programmes under the station’s umbrella, and it couldn’t be happening at a better time. The music and entertainment scene is evolving at an insanely rapid rate, where anything is possible. This is where I thrive. Here’s to another 20 years!”

Catch The Roger Goode Show, weeknights at 6PM on 5FM and follow @djrogergoode on all the socials!