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So-called ‘difficult’ subjects explained in layman’s terms …

The complicated workings of the human mind have fascinated mankind for centuries. People wonder what happens when they sleep; why they have emotions and just what is the unconscious mind. In Psychology for Busy People – Everything You Really Should Know, Joel Levy breaks down this complex subject in a series of easily understood chapters.  From the ancient Greeks to the present day, he brings together the essential theorists and concepts which have shaped our understanding of ourselves. It’s a bite-sized book that explores what it means to be human. Fascinating stuff. Michael O’Mara, R205.

What exactly is philosophy? Most people think of it as a slightly ‘fluffy’ subject that’s a bit difficult to grasp. Alain Stephen has explained it for interested laymen in Philosophy for Busy People – Everything You Really Should Know. In a nutshell, philosophy interprets and underpins  the workings of our very existence and its myriad and evolving ideas. The author breaks this massive subject into digestible segments, from love, language and happiness to science, ethics and politics. He covers ancient and modern philosophers and concepts with clear explanations in this excellent concise guide. Michael O’Mara, R205.

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