A beautiful mix of Japanese botanicals …


A good craft gin is all about taste and we’re loving ROKU – a uniquely made gin with six quality botanicals, crafted by Japanese artisans with meticulous attention to detail making it the perfect drink for G & T day or any celebration!

Roku, translating to the word ‘six’ in Japanese, is a crafted gin created with six botanicals sourced from Japan. These high quality botanicals, harvested from the best growing areas in Japan each season, include sencha and gyokuro teas, celebrating summer, as well as the Sakura flower and leaf, which bloom in spring. Showcasing the unique flavours Japan produces in autumn, Sansho pepper adds a unique taste, as well as the peel of yuzu fruit, which finishes off the harmonious flavours of Roku Japanese Gin, and represents the winter botanical.

Enjoy on the rocks or in a Japanese Gin & Tonic. Prepared with extra care, the Roku Japanese Gin & Tonic can be served with ice and slices of ginger to complement the refreshing and citrus top notes of yuzu.

Roku is offered at a recommended retail price of R299 in major retailers nationally or online through Takealot. You can also order online through Takealot, Norman Goodfellows.

For more information, please visit: suntory.co.jp


Cocktail 1: ROKU TONIC


Roku                      30m
Tonic                     120ml
Ginger sticks       +

Add all ingredients and build. Serve over cubed ice in a highball glass. Garnish with ginger slices.


Cocktail 2: ROKU SONIC

Roku                 30ml
Tonic water        60ml
Soda water        60ml
Lime garnish       +

Add ice to a highball glass and stir to chill glass. Add Roku and stir to chill the gin. Top with tonic.


Cocktail 3: ROKU NEGRONI        

Roku                    30ml
Umeshu               15ml
Campari               15ml
Orange twist          +

Add all ingredients and build. Serve over a large cube of ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with orange zest.

Cocktail 4: ROKU SOUR

Roku                    60ml
Match tea             5gm
Egg white               1
Yuzu juice            10ml
Lemon juice         10ml
Simple syrup        10ml

Add egg whites to shaker and shake to aerate.  Add Roku, simple syrup and Match tea and shake. Top with some lemon juice and strain into chilled martini glass.