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Nuts about health

Nuts are a great snack. Full of protein, fibre and healthy fat, they keep you full and give you energy. However, not all nuts...

Easy-peasy kitchen tips to keep in mind when cooking

More juice, please On average, a lemon contains three tablespoons of juice. Most people remember the old playground trick of rolling an orange on a...

For the love of coffee

With so many styles of coffee, the choice can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into your favourite coffee shop. Below is a guide...

A heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking read

Every year, Sarah writes a love-filled birthday letter to Izzy, her now seven-year-old daughter. And when she falls pregnant with her second child, she...

Dinner is served: Spaghetti carbonara

You will need:375g spaghetti. One tablespoon olive oil. 200g thick bacon rashers, halved lengthways and sliced. Three garlic cloves, crushed. A quarter cup...

Tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle

Many people think living a healthier lifestyle is a challenge. By adopting a few healthy habits into your daily routine, you can achieve a healthier...

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Wine for the Old Man

Spoil dad with a bottle of seriously good wine On Father’s Day this month, three generations of the Pentz family, Peter Pentz senior (The Old...

Brunch like a boss this Youth Day

If you’re thinking of cooking up something special this public holiday, we have eggs-actly what you’re looking for. A scrumptious brunch that packs a...

For the love of Gin

Whether it’s in a cocktail, a G&T or neat as part of a tasting, today we celebrate this brilliant juniper-laced spirit in all of...

What’s cooking, good looking…

Annatjie Melck, foodie legend and chatelaine of Muratie, has a treasure trove of her own very special recipes and loves to explore the very...

Health & Beauty

6 tips to take care of your natural hair...

When the weather starts getting cooler it is not only our wardrobes that get an overhaul but everything from our skin to our hair...

When life gives you coconuts …

Good hair days. We all love them. But some of us – think of those who battle with frizz and unruly curls - struggle...

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