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Six tips to stay safe on show house day 

Welcoming strangers into your home is always a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you are trying to sell the property to them.

Not knowing who the people are and what their intentions are, can make for some uncomfortable situations and become a possible security risk.

Stay safe during a show house day, whether you are an estate agent or the owner, by following these security tips: 

  1. See who’s coming: If possible, position yourself where you can see prospective buyers’ vehicles as they arrive and make a note of their registration numbers, the make and model of the car. 
  2. Keep the group together: Don’t be shy to ask your visitors to stay with you while you walk through the home together. This will avoid a situation where one person wanders off unsupervised during the viewing.
  3. Do a quick check before the show day: It is important to check that intercoms, buzzers and doorbells are in good working order. Remember to close the front entrance of the home before you start your tour.
  4. Set up appointments: Consider a Show Day, where you encourage “by appointment” viewings. This will avoid overlap between groups of visitors – and it gives you a good indication of the amount of people you can expect. 
  5. Stay in control: If you’ve got a bottleneck developing, encourage viewers to fill in the visitor’s book or take a look at the garden and outdoor facilities while you are busy with the other group inside the home. 
  6. Get a mobile panic button: Ask your security company if they offer any special mobile panic button services, which you can keep with you when on duty at a show house

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