Ways to relax during the festive season


While the holidays are traditionally meant for rest, they often snowball into the most demanding season of the year for many.

As the year draws to a close, a mix of emotions emerges— the joy for the festive Christmas spirit and a deep sense of weariness and burnout. The constant presence of family and friends can leave little room for personal relaxation and self-indulgence.

Amid this whirlwind, here are 3 tips to embrace relaxation during this festive season, enabling you to step into the New Year with a sense of renewed energy and vitality.

Continue with some of your exercise routine

To offset the guilt that is brought on by gluttony during the festive season, it’s worth considering the continuation of some of your exercise routines. This practice helps you avoid the short-lived New Year’s resolution of weight loss that many set.

Adhering to a balanced diet and a consistent exercise regimen can indeed be challenging amidst the holiday season’s indulgence. Yet, it’s precisely during times of heightened stress that these routines become most crucial. Beyond helping to boost your mood, regular exercise enhances your energy levels and improves sleep quality, ensuring you’re fully prepared to navigate your jam-packed holiday calendar.

Take your annual leave

Even if you find yourself without the big budget that would allow for a lavish getaway, it remains crucial to set aside time to disconnect from work. This invaluable pause ensures you step into the new year with a recharged spirit.

Even if you’re the type of dedicated employee who prides themselves with a ‘no-one can out-work me attitude,’ it’s time to acknowledge a universal truth: As human beings, we are at our most productive and easier to work with when we’ve had sufficient downtime.

Taking a break from work is more than just beneficial; it’s a necessity for embarking on the new year with a renewed sense of energy and a revitalised outlook

Indulge in some “Me time”

Life can bring us endless to-do lists, amid the chaos of scheduling year-end school recitals and office year-end parties, it’s important to be deliberate in carving out time for your own relaxation.

Take a break and breathe. It can be just a few minutes, or it can be a few hours, it doesn’t really matter what you do. The most important thing is to pause and do something that you love.

‘Me time’ transcends mere relaxation; it’s a profound requirement. It offers the space to delve into personal interests and to practice self-care rituals, free from the influence of external pressures.

A recently launched handmade luxury brand called Metime Candles echoes this philosophy, emphasising the paramount need for us, the heroes of our lives – to also save ourselves. After all, unless we are whole and content, we cannot give our fullest selves to others.

Images and article supplied by Nontobeko Magwaza, Founder of Metime Candles. Follow her @metimecandles_za