Travelling with your pet? 5 things to consider before em-barking


When you’re travelling with your pet, there is a whole new checklist you need to consider. But it doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience for either of you if you plan ahead and be sure of the steps you need to take to ensure the journey is smooth sailing for all members of the family.

Gavin Miller, Managing Director at Marltons, shares his top five tips to consider before you go on your holiday.

Check, check, double-check: It goes without saying that the most important thing to do before taking your pet – no matter what pet it is – is to check if your accommodation is pet friendly. Don’t assume that just because you’re taking your hamster instead of a St Bernard you can simply breeze into your sea facing apartment. Nope. Many hotels and resorts have strict pet policies, and you need to confirm that non-human family members are welcome and catered for.

Sort out your equipment: Every pet, from a budgie to a boxer, needs their own special equipment. This starts with what they’re actually going to travel in, to where they’re going to sleep, to food and containers, to toys. If you’re going to take your pet away with you, it is crucial to ensure that they’re going to be safe and comfortable for every step of the journey. In transit, make sure that they are crate-trained in their own area of security to ensure that you can drive safely and ensure that you have all the leashes, collars or cages sorted for when you arrive.

Pack a pet specific supply kit: Have a chat with your vet to make sure you have everything necessary in a kit for your trip. A general first-aid kit, and then also some additional items you may need along the way such as waste bags. Pet pit stops are tough to schedule, so rather be prepared. Also consider snacks and hydration along the way. Pets can easily get dehydrated when travelling, so make sure you pack extra water. And toys. Don’t forget toys.

Sort out their identification: Life is unpredictable. And life on the open road is even more so. An unfamiliar place far from home is the very worst place to lose your pet. Before you leave make sure they’re easy to find in the worst case scenario. Sort out your microchipping and make sure their collar tags are up to date. Make it as easy as possible for a good Samaritan to return them to you in case they do a runner.

There’s no place like home: Yes, you’re going away, but your pet doesn’t understand this – all they know is the home they live in. Pack their favourite toys, blankies, bowls and beds so that once you reach your destination they have all the comforts of home around them so that they can relax too.

Holidays can be the best days, and memories made that include fur family members are priceless. All it takes is some extra planning and patience to make sure your time away is an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons.