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Cook like a chef … free online cook-along

Cookery workshops. Such fun. And double the excitement when they’re in your own kitchen, the sessions are free, and dinner for the family is served at the end of the session!

We’re talking about the brilliant The Cookery’s monthly free online cook-along sessions, which we’ve experienced and can’t rave about enough.

This award-winning, premier social cooking school presents these online sessions once a month … suitable for seasoned home cooks and culinary novices, these virtual gatherings promise – and deliver – a delightful evening of food, fun, and camaraderie. Cooking together is a great way for couples to enjoy an evening in cooking, laughing and bonding. Or you can invite around a couple of girlfriends and have a dinner-in evening.

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The sessions are led by the team behind the madly popular The Cookery, Paul Maciel and Emilio Coccia, who give step-by-step instructions and pro tips throughout the session … you’ll learn techniques, flavour combinations and culinary secrets. And you’ll have a laugh along the way … they’re hugely entertaining.

Held once a month on a Monday (great way to beat those early weekday blues), each month the duo explore a different theme, with delicious recipes from around the world, and the end of the session, you sit down to enjoy your creations. Imagine feasting on Mediterranean delights, fabulous salad, and divine desserts —all from your own kitchen!

The next event is on Monday March 25, starting at 5.30pm. To participate, register by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line Free March Cook-Along and you will, within a few days, be sent the recipes. Check out the ingredient list sent with the recipes, and make sure you’re got them all handy before the session. Then connect by joining the session via their Facebook page (facebook.com/thecookeryjoburg), follow along as the chefs guide you through the recipes. Ask questions, share your progress, and connect with fellow cooks. And then it’s all Bon Appétit! … sit back, relax, and enjoy your homemade feast.

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