Celebrate in colour


Dare to be different. That’s the prompt from wedding planners for brides who want their big day to be timeless yet trendy.

Roses remain the wedding flower of choice, but unlike previous years, this year’s brides (and wedding planners) are favouring bouquets, arrangements and installations that pop with colour, yet are natural and organic.

According to wedding planners, bold and vibrant colours resonate with couples who want a wedding that celebrates their story and their individuality. Bright colours are energising and joyful, what better way to celebrate the most memorable day of their lives, says rose grower Ludwig Taschner.

Bouquets that seem freshly gathered from the garden evoke a sense of simplicity and spontaneity. Unlike traditional rose bouquets that usually feature a single colour, the latest trend offers space to play with different coloured roses. Combine them with other much loved garden flowers like baby’s breath, daisies, grasses and other foliage that also add texture. What could be more personal than incorporating a bride’s favourite roses, or those that she grew up with in her parent’s garden?

The more colours the better, so feel free to break with convention when composing your bouquet. The secret is to get the balance right with rose blooms in complementary colours, offset with organic textures and hints of opulence. The effect? Both trendy and timeless.

Try these garden roses:

Duet is a tall growing hybrid tea with a florist quality blooms that have deep
pink outer petals contrasting with a softer pink in the centre. This is an exceptional garden performer.

St Dunstan’s Centenary is a hybrid tea rose that has full, old-fashioned blooms carried on strong upright stems which last well on the bush and in the vase.

Mauve Melodee forms clusters of large, semi-double blooms that reveal yellow stamens when fully open. A vigorous hybrid tea rose growing to shoulder height.

Wedding décor goes organic

There’s a more natural, country feel to wedding table décor. Florists are incorporating rustic textures like wood, greenery and even fruit and mushrooms into wedding table centrepieces, although roses remain the centrepiece.

A playful arrangement, that uses unexpected shapes and textures certainly adds to the sense of romance and magic that’s present at every wedding. Roses are being used more dramatically and unconventionally, whether it’s a beach wedding, in a garden or at a wedding venue.

It’s no longer necessary for everything to be uniform. Composing individual arrangements with similar colours but in differing containers creates visual interest and energy. Large floral arrangements act as focal points, as well as being great photo backdrops for those Instagram worthy moments with the happy couple. Details: www.ludwigsroses.co.za