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How to survive a kitchen renovation

It is a well-known fact that kitchens sell homes. “A kitchen renovation is one of the most valuable renovations you can do on a property,...

Nuts about health

Nuts are a great snack. Full of protein, fibre and healthy fat, they keep you full and give you energy. However, not all nuts...

Easy-peasy kitchen tips to keep in mind when cooking

More juice, please On average, a lemon contains three tablespoons of juice. Most people remember the old playground trick of rolling an orange on a...

For the love of coffee

With so many styles of coffee, the choice can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into your favourite coffee shop. Below is a guide...

A heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking read

Every year, Sarah writes a love-filled birthday letter to Izzy, her now seven-year-old daughter. And when she falls pregnant with her second child, she...

Dinner is served: Spaghetti carbonara

You will need:375g spaghetti. One tablespoon olive oil. 200g thick bacon rashers, halved lengthways and sliced. Three garlic cloves, crushed. A quarter cup...

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Inspire your inner chef with the new Herbalife Nutrition...

There’s something so alluring about a cookbook. From the nostalgia of flipping through the pages of tried and tested recipes – knowing you’ll get...

Celebrate World Vegan Month with a delicious burger

To celebrate World Vegan Month, chefs from the Capsicum Culinary Studio have shared their favourite meat- and-dairy-free recipes.There are many different ways to embrace...

Celebrate World Vegan Month with these delicious recipes

Capsicum Culinary Studio is celebrating World Vegan Month with some unique and tasty recipes from their chef lecturers. Cape Town Campus Akhona Swazi's Chilli Seitan...

Kriya Gangiah’s must-try Diwali recipes

She’s a radio and television personality and runs the successful digital agency Kri8tive Media. Yup, truly a jack of all trades. Kriya is also...

Health & Beauty

Are you party ready?

We’ve put together our ultimate make-up hamper, complete with all the colour we need to look our sensational best these hols. A quick stop at...

Hair loss … and how to prevent it

Every brushed your hair and then gasped in horror at the amount of hair you see in the brush? Many of us get startled...

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